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Execution is not equal to zero in place of all!

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Execution is not in place, emphasizing the objective difficulties and other issues, re-grasping execution, attention to detail is the best marketing innovative marketing initiatives, temporarily summed up as "ten to zero."

First, there is no hard work to zero

For each marketing people must learn to cherish, learn to be grateful. Financial crisis marketing people should cherish the current opportunity. A thousand miles begins with one step, people will know how to grasp the opportunity to have the last laugh, with the work if not treasure, golden rice will become a mud bowl.

Second, there is the ability to not show zero

Everyone has their own strengths, know their strengths and make their own value through practical identity of another person in order to get more room for development. So, if a horse since that Maxima, first day traveling thousands of miles, to show their ability at the same time, the horses will appear. Do keep in mind: the potential benefits of play to become only advantage, otherwise it will become a burden.

Third, there is no action plan to zero

Premise plan is to execute, and the true meaning of action is performed, if you plan to go to practice and can not be summed up by action, any perfect plan can only be a fairy tale never be realized. So, the key to how to develop marketing innovation is not the perfect solution, but immediate action.

Fourth, there is no chance to fight for zero

Teach him to fish than teach him to fish, work is more than just a paycheck, work, the opportunities emerging in the market is also a good opportunity to train and exercise their ability to fight for the opportunity, seize the opportunity to just more than others think that do more.

Fifth, there is no oversight arrangement zero

Work must be arranged with the implementation, but also have oversight, they can not replace supervision, only by monitoring summary, it may find the problem from supervision summary, deal with problems, lessons, lessons learned. It may be better carried out at the end of the work.

Sixth, there is no sustained progress is zero

Everyone actively seek progress, the team can progress, continued progress will continue to grow the team, "is too reactive power, power is too small", if there is no sustained progress, or have a little progress is stagnant, the final destiny can only be the last one eliminated.

Seven, have found no deal is equal to zero

Faced with a rapidly changing market, any plans in the implementation process are likely to result in failure of the entire small negligence action. So, in addition to a perfect plan, to grasp the details of timely implementation, but also the need for every little problem found during processing, make up, to prevent "a thousand miles of embankment, a dangerous thing."

Eight, there is zero operation is not flexible

Marketing focuses on innovation, no one I have, I have excellent, should not be applied mechanically, empiricism, any process operation, the operation, the face of volatile markets and flexible, it may be no difference in winning.

Nine valuable not use zero

Marketing must be a good manager will afterwards: rationality is the value of the product structure, and even value of the company is worth, only reasonable use value, give full play to everyone, not a penny of each item of value, even from worthless dug value to be considered as a qualified marketing staff.

Ten, there is no profit to zero sales

If sales is a measure of the performance of the benchmark business people, so the profit is the benchmark on the scale, just to complete the sales task is not enough only to achieve sales profit can be considered on the basis of real sales, only profit but also to ensure the completion of both sales marketers can be considered good marketing staff.






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