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Such employees are executives in the future!

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2014-10-31 Albert same building - Liu Lihui Panda wisdom


1 Loyalty

- The faithful are not being fired

Units may have the ability to dismiss employees, but a loyal person, there will be no leadership willing to let him go, he would become a unit of the iron barracks of the soldiers in the longest and is the most promising employees.

A standing position on the boss to think;

2. Share your thoughts with superiors;


3, always protect the interests of the company;

4, wondering for the company to make money;

2 dedicated

- One hour every day to do more than the boss

Along with social progress, more and more people's knowledge of the background of convergence. Degree, diploma is no longer a prerequisite for the selection of the company employees. Many companies examine the first condition is that dedicated employees, followed by professional standards.

1. The purpose of the work is not only to reward;

4 Director

- Absolutely no excuse to ensure the completion of the task

And responsible person, the enterprise has an important meaning, a person the ability to work can be worse than others, but certainly not a lack of a sense of responsibility, always excuses, looking for objective reasons, rather than reflect on their own, will lose the trust of their superiors.

A core responsibility that responsibility;

2, to have to do every little thing;

3, true to its word, line must be fruit;

4, wrong is wrong, never make excuses;

5, so that the problem of the ball as far as you;

6, not because of that negligence big mistake.

5 focus on efficiency

- Calculate your cost

Efficient work habits are each expected to be necessary for successful people also have a very high value per unit.

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